Being “Scene”


Shimon 2013

I was super honoured when Stephanie Beaumont asked me if I wanted to be featured on the website Sea and Be Scene. I said yes, obviously! Sea and Be Scene is a website “discovering the places and personalities of Canada’s East Coast”.

Here is a link to my interview. Check it out, and check out all the other cool peeps featured as well!

Thanks, Stephanie!

Everyone’s Famous, even me?!


I’m famous, you’re famous, we’re all famous

I had the immense pleasure of playing on the set of Andrew Bush’s new webseries “Everyone’s Famous” a couple months back. (She says, pretending not to feel guilty for not updating her blog). I had a lot of fun portraying a lady of the night- not to be typecast or anything like that!

Everyone’s Famous is a comedy web series created by Andrew Bush and produced by Walter Forsyth and Angus Swantee. The plot from their website says: Donald always wanted to be a ‘somebody’ but settled for being a decent guy with a decent girlfriend, working at a decent call centre. When an embarrassing video goes viral, Donald’s given an unexpected new lease on fame. Donald quits his job and tries desperately to become a viral video maker, pushing his love life, his friends, and his sanity to their very limits.


Ladies of the night are supposed to look this tired, right?

Andrew has mad talent, and this show is no exception. The writing is sharp, funny and has a lot of heart. I’m in episode six. It hasn’t been released yet, but each episode will air on the web separately (obviously). It was funded by the Independent Production Fund and Film Nova Scotia and CBC will present it as a one hour comedy special as well.

For now, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Forgive Me… the Journey

Life has been crazy and busy and full of adventure and learning. A big part of that has been the directing mentorship I’ve been doing under the formidable Thom Fitzgerald.


Absorbing knowledge. Photo cred: Scott Thorne

As a director shadow I’ve been doing just that, trying to soak up Thom’s experience and style through listening and observing. To be fair, I do an awful lot of lurking around the set, asking the small crew lots of questions about their various departments. I’ve learned a TON. Like. So much. I’ve also had a lot of hands on training including running the sound board, continuity, slating and a jumble of other awesome things. Thom runs a well oiled machine and it’s been epic witnessing some incredible acting- from locals like Michael MacLeod and Hugh Thompson to Academy Award favorites Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker.

One thing I learned is crew hours are insane compared to actor hours. Seriously. These are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.


Michael MacLeod is…the Priest!

“Forgive Me is a television series that breaks the seal of the Catholic  confessional. A young priest becomes embroiled in the secrets of his congregation, as the sins of his own past return to haunt him.” It will air on the Super Channel.

I’m humbly grateful to Thom Fitzgerald and Doug Pettigrew for giving me this chance to learn and witness.

Making Waves!


Designed by the fantastic Danielle Autran

There’s this really great organization called Women In Film and Television (bet you can’t guess who it caters to!) I am a proud member of the Atlantic Canadian chapter. Each year these fine ladies hold a conference entitled ‘Women Making Waves’. This year’s 3 day conference was awesome; I went to a bunch of great events including some fantastic panels on social media and documentaries.

The conference ends with a brunch and an awards ceremony. WIFT-AT says this: ‘Unlike traditional awards, there are no categories for the WAVE Awards. The goal is to salute women in the screen industry for their contributions, accomplishments, emerging talent, vision, leadership, dedication, and outstanding behind-the-scenes support.’


Winners Angie Kokic, Myself, Louise Lalonde!

Imagine my shock, delight, and great wish that I was wearing make-up when I was announced as one of this year’s recipients. Even more of an honour- this is the first time the award has ever been given to an emerging artist.

Thank you WIFT for inspiring me, encouraging me, and making all the hard days worth while.


Award Swag!

For the full press release on the awards, click here!

Merritt Awards and Bubble Gum


Lora Campbell, Myself, and Michael Gaty in full awards party mode.

The Nova Scotia theatre awards aka The Merritt’s were held this year at the Casino organized by the brilliant Jeremy Webb and hosted by the hilarious Jackie Torrens. 

They were a ton of fun with highlights including Thom Fitzgerald singing an a capella song about dicks and the Mayor actually showing up to present the Mayor’s Award for Emerging/Established Artist (Our previous Mayor never did. Mayor Savage not only showed up, he was funny, articulate and inspiring. HOPE!) Special props go to Stephanie MacDonald who won the Emerging Artist Award and who played Mary in a rendition of my play ‘Naked’.

HamHands were on hand interviewing people and I got asked. Take special note of me dancing not realizing the camera was on and how obnoxious I look chewing my gum (I was nervous! I didn’t want bad breath!) Check out the video here!

FILM 5 Phase 2: A Dance Party



Well boys and girls, we did it! Lora Campbell (Producer) and myself (Writer/Director) have been accepted in to Phase 2 of AFCOOP’s FILM 5 program!! We are well into pre-production on our short ‘Two Penny Road Kill’ and slated to go to camera April 20/21.

We couldn’t be more excited and we couldn’t be working more hard (no, seriously, do filmmakers ever sleep?) We’ve got a great team, a great cast and a great concept (a modern day Cinderella story… with road kill!)

Follow along with us on twitter @2pennyroadkill to learn fun facts about our cast, crew, and production.



AND! If you are in the Halifax area, PLEASE come to our Dance Party Fundraiser at Gus’ Pub, Thursday, April 4 at 9 pm. 5 buckaroos at the door. Featuring epic dj’s Nick Nonsense, Simon Thibault, and Disco Elitist. Good times guaranteed! Facebook event here!