October in: Toronto

This is the first time since June that I have been in the same place for one whole month. ONE WHOLE MONTH! It’s been a crazy summer of travel and adventure and now life seems to be settling down somewhat (knock on wood X a million) and it feels good to have a bit of a routine again. I’ve been overwhelmed by work lately (hello random hives, you appearing due to stress just adds to the stress fyi) so it’s been a process of getting my shit together and taking time to take time.


British Family!

It was so nice to have Neil’s parents visiting from England. They stayed with us for a week which was an excellent impetus to unpack from our summer of excitement and to buy our first real sofa-bed couch (my first couch! I’m an adult!). I got to do a nice mani/pedi date with Mama Rogers, and we all had a few escapades while we (though mostly Neil) showed them around town. Highlights include my first pea-meal bacon sandwich from the St Lawrence Market and a trip to the Distillery where my dear boyfriend found his dream restaurant – Cacao 70, a Montreal chain dedicated to chocolate. We mostly spent their trip sitting around the kitchen table enjoying wine and each others conversations (bonus points for beautiful accents!). His parents are truly darling – together since they were 14 and still holding hands everywhere they go. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.



I’m a big fan of ol hallow’s eve, but knew I would be too busy this year to really do anything. Last year I went all out with a Lichtenstein inspired costume (pictured above) and this year I didn’t even dress up (oh the horror!). I had an AMAZING time at Legends of Horror at Casa Loma with my dear friend Michael. The grounds of  the Canadian castle and part of the cellar were turned into an immersive experience, complete with actors hiding in bushes and scaring you, a mirror maze and some sort of hell hallway where you get squished by black puffy walls (that doesn’t make any sense at all, does it?).  There were also some really well done projections on the exterior of the castle. Super fun,  super silly, super worth the $40. Really cool fact – in the making of the Horror exhibit they actually discovered a hidden wine cellar in the castle. See, history CAN be fun!

I also had a nice lady date with my girl Lora where we drank wine and talked about life and carved pumpkins. Lora is quite excellent at pumpkin carving. I am quite… proud of myself for trying. Neil and I went to do some as well (he’s never done it before! Get it together, Britain!) but they were all sold out. At least he doesn’t know what he’s missing? (Look how positive I am!)



When I get stressed I tend to shut down and hibernate and avoid all the people and things I love. Hello how I spent a lot of October! I can always tell when things are a little too busy when I stop writing in my journal… and I haven’t written since May. Trying to be gentle with myself and not dwell on what I haven’t done, but being present and trying to move forward making healthy, self-loving choices.

Trying to shut off my brain, I’ve been indulging my love of all things Great British Bake Off. Neil and I spent a day with our phones and computers off, pretending we were in a cabin in the woods, and made french macaroons. I should say we TRIED to make french macaroons. They… did not turn out great. Baking is a steep learning curve. We did make an EXCELLENT homemade lemon curd – super easy, super delicious. I’ll probably post about it because #letsalleatthesamething.

I also got a massage at Laya Spa. It was glorious. The place is my vibe, too, filled with crystals and positive mantras. I recommend the eucalyptus steam, which was hot and detoxifying and dreamy. They charge $30 bucks for it if your total is under $100 and I probably wouldn’t pay for the upgrade, but was delighted it was included with my treatment.

Bottom Line: LOVE YO’SELF

October, you were mostly full of sunshine, and only really scared me a few times. Here’s to a month of working and working on not working.



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