Gift Guide: Rose Quartz Choker

Being away for the summer meant I missed the birthdays of two of my best girl friends – they lovely Shanda and the lovely Lora. I’ve been ogling over Eleventh House Jewellery’s Instagram since I discovered it, and knew that I wanted to get the ladies something from her. It would feed two of my favourite obsessions: crystals and friendship.

I think these Rose Quartz Chain Chokers are the bomb dot com, and decided to get ones for all three of us. Shanda called them ‘Grown Up Friendship Bracelets’, which was much more eloquent than my punny declaration that we are now a Chain Gang.

Rose Quartz is thought to be the stone of universal love. It is said to open the heart and promote love/self love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It is calming in times of grief and encourages self forgiveness, self trust, and self worth. And, if you don’t believe any of that, it is just a gorgeous stone to look at!

Morgan’s shop has all kinds of other amazing treasures. Check if out if you are looking for a gift for someone you love (including yourself!). You can order/have it shipped online, or if you are local to Toronto you can possibly arrange for pick up or buy from one of the stores that carry her amazing jewellery.

Check out Eleventh House Jewellery here!

Eleventh House Jewellery Choker

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