November in: Toronto

It’s rainy lightly outside and I’m trying not to think of my bike locked up out there, getting drizzled on, and my ride home, which is gonna be soggy. There’s a fireplace next to me that lights with a flick of a switch and the cutest black dog who I have slowly and surely over weeks of affection and whispered ‘you are so specials’ endeared to me. This is where I work, for this month, for last month, for next month. A few more months then into the unknown. My work has been ‘into the unknown’ for years now, a mixture of tenacity, courage, and bullheadedness which pays the bills, some months more a scramble then others, the months that aren’t a welcome relief.

It feels good to have had two months in a row in one place. I love the travelling nomad lifestyle, and have been obsessively following Instagram #vanlife posts as of late, but have enjoyed the small luxury of nesting. Mine and Neil’s apartment is slowly coming together. It feels quite minimalist now – the big blank space on the wall I tried to cover with a  self painted canvas (I bought the ‘professional’ canvas from Michael’s because you don’t get to tell me if I’m a professional or not). Neil went back to England for a few weeks and it’s amazing how quickly life can revert back to what it used to be – long distance relationship longing. This time feels a bit different. It feels like “our” house instead of “mine”. This little apartment of ours has housed so many different souls since we’ve lived here and it almost feels weird to exist in it just myself and the kitty.

Being in nesting mode with the apartment has been amazing. I’ve got all these big dreams about DIY (read: saving money) and Neil is really good at carrying them out, and trusting my “vision”. He’s got some thoughts of his own (imagine!) and it’s been really awesome to see how ‘on the same page’ we are when it comes to house stuff. We’re pretty on the same page with most things so it wasn’t a huge surprise, but it’s still a delight considering I’m constantly yelling things like PAINT IT MORE GOLD!

November had a lot of highlights – visits from friends from away, new traditions (Sunday Morning Movie Club! – in which Neil and I wake up and eat a delicious breakfast in bed while alternating movie choices), hang outs with Neil’s family that live in Ontario, great girlfriend dates, an awesome 2 week movement/pilates course that helped me rediscover my love of dance, and progress on some of my big film projects (Maurice Crosby I’m looking at you). Still got a few nagging projects that I haven’t finished, but I’m trying to do the gentle-to-self thing as I work on managing my insane schedule. Somedays are better than others.

The best news this month is that my sister is going to have another baby. Being an Aunt is one of the best things in my life. I live for the phone conversations with my 5 year old niece, and can’t wait to have in person conversations over the holidays. My 2 1/2 year old nephew has been talking a lot lately (he never was whenever I was on the East Coast), and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to having my “first” conversation with him when I’m home. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THINGS? HOW DO YOU FEEL? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Neil’s family is spread out around the world and they have this amazing tradition of each month sending a “1 Second Everyday” video. I downloaded the app and have LOVED taking little videos each day. I was worried that I had lost them all when my phone completely bit the bullet and I had to get a new one (first time having new technology in A LONG time. I feel so CURRENT) but luck prevailed. I wanted to share it with you but I’m cheap and this blog creator won’t let me show it unless I upgrade to a service that costs a bunch of money that I don’t have. So you’ll just have to imagine how exciting my month was, and if you really want, message me and I’ll send it to you (I’m looking at you, Jess!)

Thanks November, you were swell. Welcome December, let’s end this year with gentle movement, calm reflections, and too many sugar cookies.


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Artistic Warrior obsessed with food, travel, and gratitude. I work in film and television and spend way too much time on my phone. I like crystals, cats, and cacti. I've always wanted to blog, so might as well try. I also think you're great.

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