Christmas Stories – Nan

There once was a little bird. She was small in body, and brown, and had one magnificent blue feather. When she was young someone had made fun of the blue feather so she was self-conscious about it. Sometimes when she got nervous it would stick straight up, like a silky blue flag.

One day there was a terrible storm and it knocked down the little bird’s home! She didn’t know where to go. She flew to a nearby forest. It was full of lots of birds. They were very noisy. There were other animals, too. Some of them had mean eyes and she didn’t like how they licked their lips when they looked at her. She decided to move.

She found a barn. It smelled like fresh hay and riding leather. It was very cozy. Little Bird thought she could be quite happy there. Then, nighttime came and she met her roommate, Owl. Owl was nice enough but did she ever talk your ear off. Sleep was too important to the little bird so off again.

To be honest, she was feeling pretty sad. She landed in a bush close to a house. She looked in and saw a lady looking back. A human! The little bird got nervous, her blue feather sticking up.

“My, what a beautiful blue feather!” the lady said.

The little bird smiled. The lady smiled back, kind. The little bird had found her home. She settled into the branch and closed her eyes.

A story gift for my Nanny Morash, Christmas 2015

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Artistic Warrior obsessed with food, travel, and gratitude. I work in film and television and spend way too much time on my phone. I like crystals, cats, and cacti. I've always wanted to blog, so might as well try. I also think you're great.

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